Video of Black man's death in United States varies sharply from police account

Henrietta Brewer
May 25, 2021

Body cam image Ronald GreenA brutal video showing him being beaten, kicked, tasted and screaming for mercy at the end of his deadly arrest in Louisiana reveals numerous mysteries surrounding his death. His system also contained high levels of cocaine and alcohol, as well as fractures of the sternum and rupture of the aorta.

Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth was also notified of the intent to dismiss him, and he died hours later in a fatal vehicle crash, police said. The Associated Press released the body-camera footage of the May 10, 2019, arrest, which happened after Greene led troopers on a high-speed chase that topped 100 miles per hour.

At one point in a new 30-minute video, Greene can be seen struggling to prop himself up on his side. Gov. John Bel Edwards, in an about-face, said he "strongly supported" the release, calling the video "disturbing and hard to watch".

In May 2020, Greene's daughter filed a federal wrongful death suit against seven law enforcement officers that said he was "brutalized by Louisiana State Police and Union Parish Deputy Officers which caused his death". Lay on your belly!

Another trooper, Kory York, served a 50-hour suspension and is back on duty.

"Force expert and former Baltimore police lieutenant Charles Key said", The soldier's mistakes and what he did are overkill. "You understand" to which Greene replies: "Yes, sir".

But a written police report later said Greene survived the crash and struggled with troopers trying to arrest him.

Green's autopsy described his cause of death as "a cocaine-induced excitement delirium with auto accidents, physical struggles, injured head injuries and restraints", but it did not specify a method of death.

In the latest video, Greene, his legs shackled and his hands cuffed behind his back, is prone on the ground, and two troopers can be seen hovering over him before he suddenly cries out. One of the policemen said to him, "Yes, yeah, that-it hurts, right?" "Oh, Lord!" Greene screams out.

"I'm your brother! I'm scared!" "OK, OK", he is heard saying.

A SUPERVISOR praised state troopers who tasered a black man and left him facedown for nine minutes before he died, new video has revealed.

The officers' treatment of Greene has been described as "torture" and "sadistic" by a former police officer and a use-of-force expert. A preliminary investigative report later announced that he died after resisting and struggling with law enforcement.

However, AP has already obtained those materials, and this week an unpublished body showing a soldier in a green vehicle on the outskirts of Monroe, Louisiana, repeatedly rocking a 49-year-old unarmed man with a stun gun after a high-speed chase.

That secrecy extended to the autopsy, which pathologists said was hindered by the State Police's failure to provide even the most routine documents relating to Greene's arrest, including police reports, collision details or emergency medical records.

Of the troopers involved, DaKota DeMoss was notified that the department intends to fire him and remains on leave pending another excessive use of force case, police said. "Let me see your f*****g hands m****rf****r". "They deliberately blocked the facts of this case and made it true".

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