Facebook will no longer remove claims that Covid-19 was man-made

Ross Houston
May 28, 2021

On May 14, a group of scientists, including from Harvard, Yale and Stanford, published a letter in the journal Science saying an accidental lab leak and "zootonic spillover" (i.e., from animals) remained "viable" theories.

President Biden's order signals an escalation in mounting controversy over how the virus first emerged - through animal contact at a market in Wuhan, China, or through release of the coronavirus from a highly secure research laboratory in the same city.

That announcement comes shortly after President Joe Biden announced he had directed the USA intelligence community to redouble its efforts into the origin of Covid-19.

However, the Chinese foreign ministry denied the report claiming that no one at the Wuhan lab had fallen ill before the outbreak of the virus asserting that the USA was "hyping the lab leak theory".

According to CNN, previously overlooked Chinese data on extensive screening of animals for coronavirus around the time the pandemic erupted is among several areas identified for further study by World Health Organization scientists investigating the origins of the virus, as per a source.

"There's nothing really new there to prove the hypothesis", he said.

Anthony Fauci, one of the faces of the USA pandemic response and an adviser to Biden, reiterated Wednesday that he believed it was unlikely that the virus came from a lab.

Biden announced Wednesday he has given the U.S. officials 90 days to investigate the virus' origins.

"Very clearly they are trying to internationalise their way out of the jam they are in", said Jamie Metzl, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank, who has been campaigning for a new independent investigation.

The WHO report's annex contains multiple data points providing an intriguing insight into China's evolving knowledge of the virus and the likely timing of its emergence.

Earlier this week, USA government sources said a still-classified US intelligence report circulated during former President Donald Trump's administration alleged that three researchers at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology became so ill in November 2019 that they sought hospital care.

"Open up Fort Detrick military base as early as possible, and all the bio labs the USA has around the world", he said, referring to a United States research facility in Maryland. "In short, this (statement from the embassy) is an outrageous insult to every person who has died from this bad tragedy and their families". "But now the issue has become so politicised, with the stakes of the investigation so high". "Most of us continue to believe that we're underestimating Mother Nature here", he said, noting that two previous coronavirus outbreaks this century were determined to have emerged naturally.

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