COVID-19 vaccine: Over 70 million doses administered in India

Andrew Cummings
April 4, 2021

"This approach could maximise the reach of a limited vaccine supply, allowing potentially millions more people to be vaccinated in the U.S. alone", she added.

In the newly released data, the South Africa branch of the trial showed the vaccine to be 100% efficacious in the B.1.351-dominant region.

"These data confirm the favorable efficacy and safety profile of our vaccine and position us to submit a Biologics License Application to the U.S. FDA", said Albert Bourla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer. Among the 800 participants enrolled there, nine cases of COVID-19 were observed, all in the placebo group.

"Preliminary data show that the COVID-19 vaccines now available in the United States should provide an adequate degree of protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants", Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in the statement.

Responding to the first study, the pharmaceutical giant said the data supports "previous results from immunogenicity studies demonstrating that (the vaccine) induced a robust neutralising antibody response to the (South African) variant".

BioNTech management also suggest a potential for a booster every six to 18 months based on observations of declining neutralizing antibody titers after the initial two-dose vaccination schedule. Of those nine cases, six were among individuals infected with the South African variant. The approach has been tested against other viruses and studies in animals and people show they stimulate a strong and broad immune response.

Of the total cases, investigators recorded 850 in the placebo group compared with 77 in the vaccine cohort.

'The vaccine elicits such high levels of antibodies that even when confronted with a variant. there's still meaningful protection, ' Hensley told CNN. The trials included 2,260 participants. The FDA has previously said that it will expedite the authorization process for updated COVID-19 vaccines that target variants, according to CNBC.

'These mRNA vaccines - it really seems the level of antibodies they elicit are so high, they are persistent.

"A year ago I tried the Moderna vaccine to see if it was safe".

Although the B.1.1.7 variant that originated in Britain has quickly spread across Europe and is gaining a foothold in the United States, the B.1.351 variant and similar variants are more concerning because they have shown to reduce the efficacy of three different COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials in South Africa.

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