Myanmar protests: Dozens killed in 'blackest day' since coup

Andrew Cummings
March 5, 2021

Sources told Reuters news agency that Myanmar's military rulers attempted to move about $1 billion held at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY days after seizing power.

More than 50 people have now been killed as the military struggles to impose its authority, in particular on a generation that has grown up in recent years under a government led by democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi.

The single death recorded on Friday capped the bloodiest week in Myanmar since the military overthrew the country's democratic government on 1 February, with at least 38 people killed on Wednesday alone.

"If both sides use violence, then we have a situation of a real war in Myanmar, which is in nobody's interest", the United Nations envoy said.

"Every day the military junta in Myanmar unleashes more brutality on peaceful protesters who are standing up for justice, human rights and democracy, defending their nation against this illegal military coup", he said.

"We know that we can always get shot and killed with live bullets but there is no meaning to staying alive under the junta so we choose this unsafe road to escape", activist Maung Saung Kha told Reuters. The UN Security Council is due to discuss the situation on Friday in a closed meeting, diplomats said.

Responding to a question, Price said that the USA has urged China to play a constructive role, to use their influence with the military in Myanmar to bring this coup to an end. "I lay down on the ground, they shot a lot", protester Kaung Pyae Sone Tun, 23, told Reuters.

Last month the United Kingdom imposed asset freezes and travel bans on three generals in Myanmar's military regime in response to human rights violations.

At least one individual was killed and others injured in the central town of Myingyan, with reports of another fatality unconfirmed.

In a statement, global NGO Save the Children said four children were among the dead, including a 14-year-old boy who was reportedly shot dead by a soldier on a passing convoy of military trucks.

Many cases of targeted brutality by security forces in the streets have been captured in photos and videos that have circulated widely on social media.

However protesters, citizen journalists and some media groups have continued to send images out of Myanmar, and on Thursday the funeral of a 19-year-old woman killed in Mandalay was streamed live on Facebook. Police can be seen kicking the three crew members and hitting them with their guns. Reuters was unable to verify the video independently.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at her daily news conference on Thursday that the Biden administration has taken sanction steps to send a clear message that the coup in Myanmar is unacceptable.

UN Member States can stop the flow of arms and security and surveillance equipment to the generals of Myanmar, Andrews said.

Google said in December it had terminated 34 YouTube channels following investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Myanmar.

The Myanmar military claimed that its action came after reports of fraud in the November 8 election were ignored.

They also reject the junta's promise to hold new elections at an unspecified date. Suu Kyi's party had won a large majority and the election commission said the vote was fair.

"This action restricts the export and reexport of items subject to the EAR [Export Administration Regulations ] to the Burmese Ministry of Defense and the Burmese Ministry of Home Affairs, the entities responsible for the coup, and to two commercial entities owned and operated by the Ministry of Defense and that provide it revenue", the department said in a news release, using the former name for the country in holding with the U.S. government's refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the present government.

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