Is Joe Biden Condoning Uighur Persecution in China as 'Cultural Norm'?

Yolanda Curtis
February 17, 2021

The CNN town hall Tuesday night in Milwaukee comes as White House officials say the massive spending bill already has broad public support. He pledged in December to get most schools reopened during his first 100 days, but specified last month that the goal applied only to schools that teach through eighth grade.

If community transmission is high, students and staff are more likely to come to school while infected, and COVID-19 can spread more easily in schools.

Guthrie exasperatedly then tried again: "I don't want to beat it to death, but I know there are teachers listening, and the CDC has said they don't have to be vaccinated to go back to school".

The US would reassert its global role in speaking up for human rights, Mr Biden said, adding that he would work with the worldwide community to get China to protect them. At other times in his remarks, he said millions of doses had been administered during the Trump administration and more accurately characterized the conditions he inherited.

Mr Biden has tried to send the message that he would take a radically different approach to China than former president Donald Trump, who placed trade and economic issues above all else in the US-China relationship.

"For four years, all that's been in the news is Trump".

Mr. Biden said he is prepared to use his executive powers to eliminate $10,000 in student loan debt for all borrowers, but not $50,000-an idea that has gained traction among Democrats on Capitol Hill.

During the town hall, Biden also offered a flavor of the moderate stance that helped win him purple states like Wisconsin in 2020. He also said he was optimistic about passing legislation to study police reforms. On that point, Psaki closed out last week saying, "I'm not going to set a new goal today".

Biden seemed to revel in his first opportunity for extended interaction with ordinary Americans since the inauguration. Comforting a second-grader who hasn't been able to go school and was anxious about getting the virus, Biden told the girl that children are less likely to get infected, adding, "I wouldn't worry about it, baby, I promise you".

Biden has mostly stayed close to the White House since taking office almost a month ago, leaving the D.C. area only for weekend trips to his DE home and the Camp David presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland.

The White House has been operating under strict social distancing rules, with most administration staffers working from home, mask wearing required throughout the White House complex and limits on the size and duration of in-person meetings in the West Wing. The House is expected to vote on the measure next week.

Biden landed on a slick, snow-covered tarmac to below-freezing weather about 90 minutes before the evening program. He was to take questions from a small audience of Democrats, Republicans and independents invited for a small, socially distant gathering at historic Pabst Theater.

With the Biden administration, it's not science that matters - it's the politics. The virus has killed more than 485,000, and newly emerging variants are complicating the response effort. "Namely, virtually anybody and everybody in any category could start to get vaccinated". But it's unclear when the vaccination will be widely accessible to Americans.

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