Instagram testing vertical feed for Stories to improve user experience

Yolanda Curtis
February 4, 2021

We checked whether users can share their feed posts in their story and the feature is still working in India. A spokesperson said, "This is an early prototype and is not now testing on Instagram".

Currently, users scroll Instagram stories horizontally, tapping or swiping the right side of the screen to move forward or the left side to go backward.

Instagram is reportedly also considering doing away with the ability to share feed posts to stories.

The vertical stories feed is now being built and has not been rolled out to the public yet.

As per a tweet by social media consultant Matt Navarra, the Facebook-owned company announced via a notification banner saying "Testing a Change to Sharing to Stories".

The new interface is a relatively minor change from the previous version, making it easier for users to browse stories from their laptop or desktop.

A prototype may never actually make it to a public launch, of course, but its existence does say something about what sort of ideas Instagram is considering as a means of offering a better challenge to TikTok.

Today, the company's TikTok rival, Reels, has been shoehorned into the platform via the Instagram Explore page, where Reels sits in the top position. Meanwhile, Instagram has rolled out another feature that allows users to restore the content that they have deleted in the last 30 days.

Instagram knows this arrangement isn't quite working. While Instagram keeps on adding new features and love when people take interests in the newly introduced features it wants, it also wants it users to understand and use each feature for what it was built for.

The upcoming Instagram feature has been inspired by TikTok's vertical feed for Stories feature.

Instagram is testing a new change that may invite mixed reactions from users worldwide. The vertical feed appears to be inspired by TikTok's popular vertical video feed format.

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