Glen Head Rep. Montesano wants impeachment of Gov. Cuomo

Cheryl Sanders
February 16, 2021

McCain tweeted in response to a New York Post report about Cuomo's negligence.

Yael Halon is a reporter for Fox News. "NY state legislature also sent a letter asking for information on nursing homes". Nursing homes had the most vulnerable population, we know that. "NHs [Nursing Homes] are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or re-admission". Kim said. "The information was available".

On the subject of patients being moved back to nursing homes after being treated in hospitals, Cuomo said that "On March 23, the Center for Disease Control, CDC, put out guidance for people sending people from hospitals back to nursing homes". "Nursing homes have the most vulnerable populations, we know that!" "OAG investigation teams requested data regarding resident deaths during the course of its preliminary investigations", the report said.

"I mean, it doesn't work that way - so I understand fully how hard it has been and I want to make sure people have all the facts, the facts, the information".

Andrew Cuomo is the "worst governor in America" with his handling of the COVID-19 crisis and should face prosecution for his actions, particularly after a key aide admitted to withholding the true numbers of nursing home deaths in the state to mislead federal prosecutors, according to Rep. Elise Stefanik. When the data finally came out, thanks to a lawsuit and an investigation by the New York Attorney General, the toll was staggering: more than 15,000 died in nursing homes and other adult care settings, up from the 8,500 previously disclosed.

Caputo wrote shortly after Cuomo spoke on the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

The governor said that of 613 NY nursing homes, 365 received a person from a hospital.

"These decisions are not political decisions", Cuomo said. "He starts going after Murphy, starts going after Newsom, starts going after Gretchen Whitmer". She called for an independent investigation into Cuomo's "obstruction of justice". "We did give the DOJ request precedence".

Allegations of a politically motivated "cover-up" soon followed reporting on that phone call.

Cuomo criticized a "toxic political environment" during the pandemic, accusing his critics of engaging in "political spin" to attack his administration. Lawmakers had a different understanding.

Then the governor shifted his attention to percentage of nursing home deaths among total deaths in NY as compared to other states-particularly stats placing Pennsylvania, Florida, and MA in a more negative light than the Empire State. He also blamed visitors and asymptomatic spread, the latter of which he claimed was not a point of emphasis nor understood at the time. "Losing a loved one in a nursing home during this situation was extraordinarily painful.

I get these are hard decisions, but otherwise people die, and these decisions should not be politicized".

"The truth is: Everybody did everything they could".

"People still die in nursing homes".

"We should have done a better job of providing as much information as we could as quickly as we could", he said. "In my opinion, yes", he added.

In addition to running cover for Cuomo, painting his deadly policy as simply seeking to "free up hospital beds", the article also made a point to further scrutinize Caputo's tweet by noting it is unclear "how numerous dead were grandmothers and grandfathers".

At the end of the presser, Cuomo was asked if he felt he had to apologize. In my opinion, yes, and I think that's what created the void.

"When you don't correct disinformation you allow it to continue", he said. "No excuses: I accept responsibility for that".

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