Former aide accuses NY governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harrassment

Yolanda Curtis
February 26, 2021

Cuomo said in December when Boylan's allegations first came to light that there is "no truth" to her allegations. Later, Boylan, who is married and the mother of a young girl, described how she complained to friends that Cuomo would go "out of his way" to touch her lower back, arms and legs.

She said she expects "the Governor and his top aides will attempt to further disparage me, just as they've done with Assemblymember Kim", referencing Ron Kim, who recently accused the governor of bullying and threatening him.

We were flying home from an October 2017 event in Western New York on his taxpayer-funded jet. As I got up to leave and walk toward an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips.

I should have been shocked by the Governor's crude comment, but I wasn't. "The idea that someone might think I held my high-ranking position because of the Governor's "crush" on me was more demeaning than the kiss itself".

When Ms. Boylan initially tweeted in December that Mr. Cuomo sexually harassed her, the governor denied he did anything inappropriate.

Not quite a year ago, the three-term governor was at the height of his popularity during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, holding widely watched daily briefings where he implored people to take the virus seriously. Representatives for Cuomo, however, have denied all allegations against him.

In one of the many government emails between Governor Andrew Cuomo and his staff, he reportedly calls Lindsey Boylan "Lisa".

In her essay, Boylan struck a different note.

"This is so damned courageous of her", Kelly wrote.

She made a decision to elaborate, she wrote, because she hoped it would empower other women to come forward.

"You could be sisters. Except you're the better looking sister", the aide wrote.

First-year Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., has echoed Stefanik's call for Cuomo's resignation Tuesday, the NY post reported. Boylan's claims because she "witnessed similar behavior" by the governor.

Lindsey Boylan, in a piece on the on line forum Medium, said Cuomo invited her to play strip poker when she and the governor were alone during an October 2017 business flight on the governor's private plane. She said she brushed it off by sarcastically saying, "That's exactly what I was thinking", but privately found the comment upsetting.

"By his own metric, believe all women, he is a pervert who has harassed women and he should resign immediately", McCain said.

Cuomo press secretary Girouard on Wednesday shared flight manifests from that month and a statement attributed to others listed onboard - John Maggiore, then director of policy; Howard Zemsky, then-president of Empire State Development; and Dani Lever and Abbey Fashouer Collins, both press secretaries at the time. He said the reasons that men get women were 'money and power.' I tried to excuse his behavior.

On the flip-side, neither Stefanik nor Malliotakis ever called on former President Donald Trump to resign or face scrutiny after more than two dozen women accused him of sexual harassment and assault before, during and after the 2016 campaign.

Mr. Cuomo was in a long-term relationship with Food Network star Sandra Lee throughout the timeframe laid out in Ms. Boylan's accusations. The couple split in 2019.

On Wednesday, Boylan came forward with lurid details of what she said was Cuomo's treatment of her when she worked as an aide for the Democratic governor.

"There was no flight where Lindsey was alone with the governor, a single press aide, and a NYS trooper", Girouard said in a statement that linked to the governor's flight logs from the time.

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