Celebrities react to Ted Cruz's Cancun trip amid Texas deep freeze

Cheryl Sanders
February 19, 2021

News of Cruz's absence quickly rippled across the state.

Although electricity has been restored in most of the state, supermarkets are reported to be running out of food and 13 million - half of the state's population - are under "boil water" orders, with more than 300,000 still without power after five days.

By 9:17 p.m. on Thursday night, around the time news broke that Cruz may have left his family dog alone in a cold house, AOC had raised a million dollars for the relief effort in Texas.

Seth Rogen did not mince his words when expressing his thoughts on Ted Cruz's response to the crisis Texas is now enduring, calling the senator two different types of "motherf*****".

Cruz, senator of the state, was photographed jetting off to Cancun in Mexico at the peak of the storm, rather than leading his state through an unprecedented crisis. Cruz's 2018 electoral rival, Beto O'Rourke, took the opportunity to highlight that he'd been playing Gallant to Cruz's Goofus and used his Powered by People organization to call more than 150,000 seniors and connect them with local resources amid the storm.

"So many elected leaders in Texas have failed their constituents", the New York Democrat wrote in an email.

The Republican senator said he began second-guessing the trip since the moment he first got on the plane Wednesday.

"They are taking vacations and leaving the country, so they don't have to deal with this, and we are freezing to death".

"This has been an infuriating week for Texans", Cruz said. His current term expires in early 2025, and the unofficial beginning of the next Republican presidential primary election is two years away. "Ted Cruz nor does anyone at the White House", Psaki said, adding that President Joe Biden's administration is focused on "working directly with leadership in Texas and surrounding states on addressing the winter storm and the crisis at hand".

'And Heidi and I, as parents, we said OK, sure.

'We lost power for two days, we lost power, we had no heat, ' he said. She said officers "monitored his movements" while Cruz was at the airport.

Silva could not say whether such requests are typical for Cruz's travel or whether his staff had made a similar request for his return flight.

It would appear as though public pressure forced Ted Cruz into an earlier than expected return to Texas, with NBC news reporting that he had initially meant to return on Saturday, but booked a return flight at 6am local time on Thursday. He wore a golf shirt, jeans and a face mask in the style of the Texas state flag.

The Republican's vacation came to light after multiple Twitter users posted photos showing Cruz and his family at Houston's airport and aboard a flight bound for Cancun, Mexico.

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