Biden revokes Trump bans on many green card applicants, temporary foreign workers

Yolanda Curtis
February 26, 2021

At the virtual meet, he said, "We're launching a high-level climate ambition ministerial and to align our policies and our goals and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050".

The official said the White House expected Trudeau to raise the issue of two Canadians detained by Beijing and charged with espionage after Canada's detention of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, on a USA arrest warrant.

"Human beings are not bartering chips", Biden said, as Trudeau listened via video from Ottawa.

"We are in this situation because we fulfilled an extradition treaty with our closest ally and China is choosing to put pressure on Canada in a way that they wouldn't be able to, or perhaps wouldn't do, with the United States", Trudeau said. The Democratic president said that "shutting the door on legal immigrants does not advance the interests of the United States", reported AP.

What to do with the phase one deal that the Trump administration struck with China in early 2020 and the remaining $350 billion in tariffs are trade challenges facing the Biden administration.

"This is going to be broad engagement, broad conversations, that will include business, labor, local communities, academia", she said.

U.S. Special Climate Change Envoy John Kerry and his Canadian counterpart, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, will host the ministerial. "There are lots of opportunities to continue to figure out ways to work together", Trudeau said. "That's why you were my first call as president, my first bilateral meeting". The process could potentially take years, he said. Since taking office, it is his first bilateral meeting with Justin Trudeau.

Trump, who recategorized Canada and other traditional USA allies as often hostile competitors, had a sometimes tense personal relationship with Trudeau.

The Republican former president, who often clashed with traditional allies on trade, imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel. Trump later removed the tariffs following an agreement with Canada. In 2019, a viral video surfaced in which the Canadian prime minister and other world leaders were overheard having a laugh at Trump's expense during a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

Finally, the president withdrew two Trump-era moves affecting federal workers: a 2018 executive order that allowed Pentagon leadership to limit the ability of civilian Department of Defense employees from collective bargaining, and a 2021 executive order that restricted the ability of career staff at government agencies from issuing regulations.

By contrast, Biden and Trudeau are pulling out all the stops to change the mood.

That's not to say there won't be areas of disagreement.

Biden rescinded the permit by executive order on his first day in office, fulfilling a campaign commitment, and "the decision will not be reconsidered", the official said. It's not clear if Trudeau sought to revisit the Keystone issue in during Tuesday's closed-door meeting.

"Canada and the United States have an extraordinary relationship that transcends geographic borders".

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