Widespread internet outages hit northeast US

Yolanda Curtis
January 27, 2021

Large services including Google's Gmail, Slack, and Zoom, all popular resources during the work-from-home era amid the pandemic, have seen the brunt of the issues.

FILE - In this August 11, 2019, file photo, an iPhone displays the Facebook app in New Orleans. "We have no ETR, as of yet", Verizon Support said on Twitter, suggesting users turn to the FiOS app for more details, which are still yet to be provided.

According to DownDetector, the outage is affecting locations in the northeast of the United States, including Washington DC, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusets. Verizon didn't give any estimate in its email about when the problem would be fixed and didn't reply to questions about what caused the problem.

Verizon Communications Inc, a major broadband services provider in the United States, alerted users about a fiber cut in Brooklyn and said it has not yet estimated the fix time.

The outage is affecting major internet and cloud providers as well as major sites such as Google and Facebook. Amazon, whose web services division powers a wide ranges of online services, indicated its network wasn't the cause of the problem and that connectivity issues for its Amazon Web Services customers were resolved around 12:45 p.m., after an hour and a half. Google said it's investigating the issue but has found no problems with its services. He reported a 12% drop in traffic volume to Verizon.

"Widespread internet outages in the area impacting remote learning today", Galvin Middle School in Wakefield, Massachusetts lamented in a tweet. "Trading functionality was not impacted", a Charles Schwab spokeswoman said. "Stay patient and do best you can".

But FiOS users across the East Coast and Northeast are reporting issues accessing the Internet. It's out of our control.

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