United Kingdom to engage with aerospace sector over tariff issues

Andrew Cummings
January 22, 2021

British ministers have sought to play down the disruption of Brexit in recent days.

Britain's Northern Ireland minister said he would engage with the aerospace sector over tariff issues on raw materials.

"The supermarket shelves were full before Christmas and there are some issues now in terms of supply chains and so that's clearly a Brexit issue".

"There was certainly a knock-on effect - the reality is that this new regime we have in relation to trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland certainly has been a very hard adjustment".

Ms Truss was asked about Mr Coveney's assertion that the shortage of goods is to do with Brexit agreements as well as Covid-19.

The three other hauliers reported similar problems on empty return journeys and the UK Road Haulage Association's policy manager for Northern Ireland, John Martin, said the cost of haulage "will have to go up significantly" as a result.

"Of course there was always going to be a period of adjustment for businesses", she added.

Coronavirus -, Lizz Truss agreed with Simon Coveney's comments.

Retail NI chief executive Glyn Roberts said: "The big takeaway for the Secretary of State and the UK Government is making sure that Great Britain suppliers who supply into Northern Ireland do make sure that they comply with the paperwork and make sure they are aware that how they trade with Northern Ireland has changed".

"I have to say supermarket supply lines at the moment are in good fettle".

Sargeant said that new rules between the United Kingdom and European Union will for example mean that 30 percent of certain agrifood products will "need to be physically inspected by vets,"warning that "there is more [disruption] to come".

"There was an opportunity for a very different kind of Brexit that would have avoided much of the trade disruption that we're now experiencing and people chose not to take that opportunity", he said.

The protocol means Northern Ireland follows the EU's rules on matters like animal product standards.

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