Twitter's Jack Dorsey Tweets About Banning Trump From Site

Yolanda Curtis
January 14, 2021

Dorsey explained that he didn't want Twitter's unilateral action to "erode a free and open global internet" and suggested that Bitcoin's model of decentralization is a better way to approach control and moderation on the internet in future.

In explaining his decision to ban President Trump from Twitter he said the ability for companies to shut down users' accounts "will be destructive to the noble objective and ideals of the open internet". We faced an extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety.

"Having to take these actions fragments the public conversation", Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Twitter. (Twitter has spent much of the last two years trying to figure out how to make its platform "healthier.") He added that he feels Twitter's decision has set a "dangerous" precedent that "an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation". I've asked the company to clarify how it is determined whether what Trump does on this account is considered ban evasion.

"Offline harm as a result of online speech is demonstrably real, and what drives our policy and enforcement above all", he said.

"Our goal is to be a client of that standard for the public conversation layer of the internet".

Following a comprehensive ban from Twitter and a number of other online services following last week's assault on the Capitol by his followers, President Trump managed to put out a tweet in the form of a video address touching on the "calamity at the Capitol"... and, of course, his deplatforming. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning.

He also said the ban was in part a failure of Twitter's, which hadn't done enough to foster "healthy conversation" across its platforms.

Dorsey said that "challenged" the idea that one check on Twitter's power over the public conversation is competition from sites like Parler and Gab.

He reiterated that removing the president from Twitter was made after "a clear warning" to Mr Trump. But, he argued: "Over the long term it will be destructive to the noble objective and ideals of the open internet". "No matter the ultimate direction, we will do this work completely through public transparency".

The charge is connected to a January 6 POTUS speech in the presence of supporters prior to a deadly protest at the US Capitol building later in the day that became a violent attack causing five deaths and widespread damage and vandalism.

Dorsey said he did not believe this was coordinated but added that he hopes the social media industry will move toward a "decentralized standard", citing Bitcoin as an example of a technology that is "not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity". YouTube suspended the president for at least a week.

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