The Flaming Lips threw two live shows with attendees in 'space bubbles'

Carla Harmon
January 27, 2021

But over the past weekend, the band played two public gigs at The Criterion in their native Oklahoma City to 100 bubbles, with up to three people allowed in each.

Speaking ahead of the concerts, Coyne said they would be "safer than going to the grocery store".

Each bubble featured speakers, water bottles, a fan, a towel and a sign, used to signal staff when an audience member needed to go to the bathroom, or if the bubble was getting too hot.

In a fortunate, and increasingly rare, turn of luck these rescheduled dates actually came to fruition as The Flaming Lips pulled off what they deemed to be the world's first-ever space bubble concerts. After a lot of planning and a series of trial runs, the concerts were originally scheduled to take place in December, but were postponed due to rising COVID-19 cases in the area.

"It's a very restricted, weird event. But the weirdness is so we can enjoy a concert before putting our families and everybody at risk", Coyne told Rolling Stone last month. "I think the video shows it!"

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Journalist and photographer Nathan Poppe was on-hand to shoot the concert, and explained some of the concert's measures on Twitter. Every person in the crowd had their own bubble, so they weren't next to anyone in an open space.

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