Tesla launches cheaper Model Y variant

Andrew Cummings
January 11, 2021

A screenshot of the Tesla website showing the new "standard range" of the Model Y, a more affordable option than the company's electric SUV. The first deliveries of new orders are due to start in the next two to five weeks, the Tesla website says. For instance, The Model 3 Standard Range Plus (54.79 million won) can be fully subsidized and Long Range (64.79 million won) and Performance (74.79 million won) can get only half.

When Tesla announced the Model Y in early 2019, it promised four versions with prices spanning from $39,000 to $60,000 and range estimates of 230 to 300 miles.

With the Model S having a range of over 400 miles and the Model 3 and X being comfortably in the 300s I guess Tesla didn't want to release a vehicle with a range so below their average.

Tesla recently unveiled its compact crossover electric SUV Model Y, with its 2021 refresh that features a new seating option with the third-row seats, but pictures revealed that there is nearly minimal to no legroom. However, as is usual with Tesla vehicles the company has delivered the Model Y with better specs than originally thought.

Tesla no longer qualifies for the federal tax credit. Automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro speculated that rear-facing third-row seats would be a potential option. According to Electrek, the latest photos for its third row of seats gives the public a better and closer look that may already give them an idea of what to expect on the new seating option by the company. Both premium models have all-wheel drive, unlike the standard limited-range vehicle. Scrolling a bit deeper into the Model Y build process reveals the option for third-row seating. Listed as the Seven Seat Interior for $3,000, the package includes the two-passenger third-row seat, sliding seat tracks and reclining seatbacks for the second-row seats, a cargo area power release to fold the seatback, and USB-C charging in the third row.

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