Tesla hiring people to handle Twitter complaints directed at CEO Elon Musk

Yolanda Curtis
January 24, 2021

Carbon dioxide is the most commonly produced greenhouse gas.

But it seems as though the market-breaking automaker is now looking to wrangle the newly minted world's richest person away from further online shenanigans - or at least cut down on potential news headlines - with the announcement that Tesla wants to hire someone who can handle complaints directed to Elon Musk via Twitter and the like. It should also be noted that President Joe Biden has addressed that Carbon capture technology will play a major role in climate change. The feat lasted just a while, as Tesla's stock prices tanked a little, dropping him in the second place. On January 8, Musk asked his Twitter followers for advice on how to donate some money.

Musk signaled he was organizing a competition to make the goal a reality. These include pediatric research, science and engineering education, research into human space exploration, and renewable-energy research.

Still, the reaction to Musk's prize idea hasn't been entirely welcoming.

Musk launched the carbon-capture initiative in hopes of fighting climate change.

If nobody comes up with something better than trees.... let's plant some trees. Carbon can be captured using different methods. Chlorofluorocarbons should be controlled through source. There are tunnels in Miami, but they're astronomically expensive - the Port of Miami built less than a mile of tunnel below a shallow channel for about $1 billion - and cheaper tunneling is the thrust of Musk's endeavor (although whether or not the Boring Company has truly been able to cut tunneling costs is still up for debate).

This technology is growing to become widely trusted as a reliable form of geoengineering. The Biden administration has assured it would take steps to quicken the evolution and supply of carbon-capture sequestration technology.

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