Sony Santa Monica is hiring for an 'unannounced' game

Yolanda Curtis
January 21, 2021

Santa Monica Studio, the developers behind 2018's acclaimed sequel/reboot God of War, have revealed that they are now recruiting for an as-yet unannounced game, meaning they're working on two big games at the same time. What could it be for?

The God of War developer is looking for a brand-new Art Director, which is a pretty important role in game development. But it also implies the studio is recruiting for a new project.

Now, it's possible that this is just a sneaky way of referring to the next God of War game, which despite being widely referred to as God of War: Ragnarok, does not actually have a title. A hint that this art director will be working with him on his new game perhaps? The question is which one? On their official website, in the section Who we are, they indicate that they now work in their offices with more than 250 people, a growth that they have been able to achieve since they moved to the new offices in Playa Vista, back in July 2014.

The Art Director is an industry veteran and craft expert.

Don't forget, God of War (2018) is included as a free game in the PSN Library.

The list invites applicants to "join the award-winning team that created God of War", in order to... But the fact that they are recruiting for that specific position is telling, as it implies a project of substantial magnitude.

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