Skyrim Now Playable on PlayStation 5 at 60fps with New Mod

Yolanda Curtis
January 20, 2021

Players from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim With the PlayStation 5 you can now pay 60fps thanks to the newly launched mode - it works with enabled BSN files. A move like this may be a simple money-grab to get Bethesda, or even maybe players would rely on mods and also how the brand new generation of consoles is backward compatible. It allows players to play the game on 60fps with a bit of graphical boost up and enables Trophies. Essentially download and empower the mod as above, start another game or save, at that point quit back out to the main menu. PlayStation 5 helps all fans to access the game and join Xbox Series.

As the mod's description explains, you can indeed have Skyrim running at 60fps without sacrificing Trophy functionality.

Download and enable the mod from within the game. That is, it creates new voice lines using "neural speech synthesis", loading in models that have been trained based on voices from several of the open-world game's developer Bethesda's titles.

Another advantage of the mod is that it can be run without disabling trophies. From there, disabling or removing the mod via the appropriate menu is one thing, after which you will find that any game you start is still running at 60fps. But, players will have to repeat this procedure each time should they need decorations, and if some additional mods are working on Skyrim, decorations will nonetheless stay unavailable. They can even load a new game to play right from the start.

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