Pro-Trump Insurrectionist Who Wore 'Camp Auschwitz' Sweatshirt Arrested

Cheryl Sanders
January 13, 2021

Robert Keith Packer, the MAGA cult member who was photographed during the Capitol attack last week wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" hoodie, has been arrested. A law enforcement official told CNN that Packer was picked up in Newport News, Virginia.

An image of Packer inside the Capitol, whose sweatshirt bore the name of the Nazi concentration camp where about 1.1 million people were killed during World War II, has evoked shock and disbelief on social media. The bottom of his hoodie had the words, "Work brings freedom". a rough translation of "Arbeit macht frei". words inscribed on the concentration camp gates.

"Social media, at the hands of powerful people - influencers, amplifying lies and untruths, is crippling our belief system, turning us against one another", he continues. Mostofsky was released on $100,000 bond but banned from traveling Washington except for purposes of prosecution of his case there.

He was not asked to enter a plea before a federal judge in Norfolk, who said Packer would be released without bail.

A charge of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds was filed Tuesday in the District of Columbia against Andrew Williams.

Packer said he intends to hire his own lawyer, as opposed to a court-appointed attorney.

He was one of several insurrectionists who flaunted hate symbols as they stormed the Capitol at President Donald Trump's encouragement on January 6. Two Capitol Police officers have been suspended for their actions during the violent attack carried out by Trump supporters, while the president now faces impeachment in the final days of his administration.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Christina Pullen said a second Virginia man, Douglas Allen Sweet, of Grimstead, was also arrested Wednesday for his alleged participation in the riot.

While the riots were still happening, Aaron Mostofsky did an interview with the NY Post, stating that he believed the election was stolen and he was exercising his rights.

"The six individuals, like others in the larger crowd, willfully refused the order to leave", the complaint says.

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