OtterBox launches Xbox cloud gaming accessory range this February

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2021

With Microsoft aggressively moving into the mobile gaming segment with its cloud streaming service, this opens the door to new peripherals that can make this experience more enjoyable.

The Easy Grip Controller Shell is $40.

The company's new line of gaming accessories is primarily focused on the mobile video game experience but also provides additional protection for your Xbox controller. Although Otterbox says it was designed with the Xbox controller in mind, it also works with other console controllers. Two pairs of swappable grips add a rubberized texture around the "wings" of the gamepad.

Otterbox Is Making Mobile Gaming Gear Now

Created to accurately balance a range of phones, from the Samsung Note series right down to the iPhone SE, the Mobile Gaming Clip holds each of these mobiles in place without the use of a tension spring, meaning that there's so battle for supremacy between owner and controller when setting everything up.

OtterBox is also introducing a series of Easy Grip Gaming Cases that are specifically designed for use when playing mobile games.

The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip takes a familiar form to other mounting solutions we've seen, albeit with features you won't find on alternative products. The skeletal clip snaps easily onto the Xbox Wireless Controller and unfolds to hold your phone at a comfortable angle above the gamepad.

The accessory wraps around the handles of your standard (non-Elite) Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S gamepad to prevent nicks and scrapes, while leaving the thumb sticks and buttons free so their sensitivity won't be hampered in any way. Alongside the usual material innovations, easy grip designs, and solid device protection, the Easy Grip Gaming Case also includes OtterBox's own CoolVergence technology created to expel heat and decrease the risk of overheating during gameplay. A rubber flap on the top of the case folds up to serve as a phone stand as well.

While we will have to see exactly how effective the Easy Grip Gaming Case's CoolVergence tech actually is at dispersing heat, it's a problem that any phone has when trying to get gaming.

Gaming Glass Privacy Guard gives you long-lasting strength and ultra-durable scratch and shatter-resistant protection while ensuring you're the only one watching your screen.

OtterBox's new gaming accessories will be available for pre-order on January 25, and will start shipping out in mid-February.

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