Otter to live transcribe Google Meet calls with new Chrome extension

Yolanda Curtis
January 24, 2021 services will now be offered on Google Meet, allowing Google to offer one of the significant features Zoom boasted over the tech giant.

This press release features multimedia. But to use Otter's integrated live transcriptions in Zoom, you'll need to be on a paid Otter and Zoom plan, unlike with Google Meet.

Otter users will be able to highlight the transcript, share it, add images, search by keyword, and review a transcript, after the recorded Google Meet call ends.

Here, users can view the live transcript of the online meeting, as it occurs.'s video captioning feature is also directly available on Zoom but only for premium customers. The feature cuts down on miscommunication, especially for non-native English speakers. It also offers a more accessible way for engaging with live meeting content. Once you've installed it, head over to and then click on the Otter extension. This panel is moveable and scrollable and is able to accurately capture a conversation and turn it into a real time transcript.

The document generated by artificial intelligence can be edited and also shared. But with Google Meet, there hasn't been a good way to transcribe a meeting automatically as it happens; users report that Chrome plugins Google Meet Transcribe and Chat Transcribe don't perform well. When active, the extension identifies the meeting participants and transcribes all speeches to a text sheet.

The extension is available in all plans with no extra charge. Google Meet has been providing closed captions for all its calls since 2019. Users can install the extension through the Chrome Web Store. A demo of the Otter service in action within Google Meet is embedded below.

This Chrome extension also offers closed captions which can be activated by clicking the "cc" button. Zoom, for its part, already has an integration with Otter.

"'s comprehensive collaboration product will continue to develop must-have features for organizations grappling with remote or hybrid working environments and help to fundamentally change and improve business communication productivity". "This positions to be an organization's central repository for meeting notes across platforms." .

The Otter service works by recording the conversation as an audio file. Use Otter Voice Meeting Notes at or download it on iOS or Android.

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