Nvidia reveals new RTX 3060 at CES 2021, coming February 2021

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2021

Zotac has yet to share any price details, but the new cards look to offer the company's own take on cooling and overclocking, and we're sure that others will follow suit with their own card reveals in the weeks leading up to release.

NVIDIA also confirmed that the RTX 3060 will be the first RTX 30 series card to support resizable BAR along with the usual NVIDIA DLSS, Reflex, and Broadcast. The RTX 3070 Max-Q promises up to 90 frames per second with ultra settings at 1440p while the RTX 3080 Max-Q will deliver over 100 frames per second.

According to NVIDIA, the laptop version of the RTX 3060 can deliver performance in the ballpark of 90 frames per second at 1080p and ultra settings in games like Fortnite, and will be available in laptops that start at $999. Lastly, there's the RTX 3080.

What's new in third-gen Max-Q technology?

The company also took time during its CES presentation to reiterate some of what we already know, namely that the company's new Reflex feature has been added to more esports-focused gaming monitors from Asus and Acer, due out later this year. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 has a release window of late February with a price of $329 (around Rs. 24,100). With this PCIe-based tech, users with a compatible motherboard will have the ability to enable all of the GPU memory to be accessed by the CPU at once, providing a small gain in gaming performance.

It's been months since we saw the first rumors of the RTX 3060. The company also said this launch will be one of its biggest to date, with more than 70 RTX 30 series-equipped laptops on their way from the company's OEM partners. NVIDIA said the RTX 3060 brings RTX capabilities to more gamers, especially those who have been traditionally using a GTX 1060-class GPU.

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