GM unveils a futuristic self driving Cadillac that can fly

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2021

The conceptual design for the autonomous electric drone includes four rotors and a 90 kWh motor. General Motors unveiled its plans for two new vehicles in the Cadillac Halo portfolio: an autonomous taxi and an electric flying vehicle. So you can hop into the drone to catch a meeting across town. The VTOL meets you on the roof and drops you at the airport closest to your destination.

The VTOL flying auto (that's the term used for vertical take-off and landing vehicles or passenger drones) is GM's first design in aerial mobility.

GM did not reveal much else regarding its autonomous flying taxi, but is targeting the luxury travel market if and when it launches.

We have other concepts coming, including a luxurious two-seater designed for you and someone very special, each concept reflecting the needs and wants of the passengers at a particular moment in time, and GM's vision of the future of transportation. It features fore and aft sliding doors and a panoramic glass roof. At the moment, no finer details regarding the vehicle are now known, but the company did state that it is "arriving soon" with lounge like seating, biometric sensors, voice controls, and hand gesture support as well.

Cadillac also said the Celestiq will have a "pillar-to-pillar freeform display" for the driver and front passenger, with individual screens for both passengers. GM said a single-passenger flying Cadillac could become reality over the next few years.

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