Facebook execs face grilling by Indian panel over WhatsApp's privacy

Andrew Cummings
January 24, 2021

The WhatsApp processor, owned by Facebook, announced that the wizard can only continue if it allows the use of user information, and that the WhatsApp wizard will not work from February 8 if not allowed. The development came via an in-app notification earlier this month and is also available to access on WhatsApp support page.

Signal's instant communication enables a series of platform tests and a series of new functions that should soon be offered to users. Through the media, people know what data privacy means, thus they are calling for a WhatsApp ban. She is categorical that the "only scary aspect of a messenger is when you have to think twice about who else is reading your messages".

With the privacy drama still looming allover WhatsApp and Facebook, Signal is taking advantage of this as its active users keep growing.

The day after WhatsApp saw a 7% decline in downloads, they tweeted an illustrated clarification list of their intentions with the new update.

Q. Will WhatsApp share our personal chats with Facebook? Facebook, by retrieving this application, will never install the partition and must respect that the information of its users should not be shared with the parent company.

Brian Acton, who co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum before selling it to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for $19 billion, is aiming to add 100-200 million users in India over the next two years.

New Delhi was also critical of the app's different treatment of users - those in Europe were exempt from a rule requiring them to be cut off from the messaging app if they did not accept the new conditions.

Thus, the platform has introduced new features that put it at par with WhatsApp in some areas. She said not a lot of people are making the switch, or at least not enough to completely divorce Facebook-based apps.

While comparing Signal with Telegram, we mentioned that there is no doubt that the Singal app is the most secure. Perhaps, George Orwell's dystopian fiction " Ninteen Eight-Four" has impressed on some schools of thought the possibility of an all-seeing Big Brother surveilling the activities of people globally.

Users registered in the beta program can already use them, while others will have to wait until they are available worldwide.

If you strongly feel that you have to migrate from WhatsApp to other messaging platforms, take the time to study their privacy policies, terms of services, security, and usability.

The debate becomes ironic when you consider the fact that the company has also recently been in the press for what's been seen as a loosening of its privacy measures when it comes to WhatsApp. "New servers are ready to serve you".

The requirement is provided through an in-app alert asking users to agree to drastic changes to WhatsApp's terms of service.

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