Bowser's Fury Switch Game's Trailers Preview New Bowser, Mario Forms

Ross Houston
January 14, 2021

Scanning the new Mario will turn a player's character into White Cat Mario.

Bowser's Fury is a bonus game included with Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Switch.

Bowser’s Fury: What are God Slayer Bowser and Super Saiyan Cat Mario?

While we pretty much knew what the 3D World part of the game would be, this is the first time we're getting a full understanding of what the Nintendo Switch-exclusive content, Bowser's Fury, is.

One moment in the trailer shows Cat Mario growing to an enormous size with glowing yellow hair, which many have pointed out looks similar to Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball series - as well as Super Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Collectible stamps - previously used for the Wii U Miiverse - are now usable in Snapshot mode, and can be applied to walls in your shots. Mario will be accompanied on his adventure by Bowser Jr., who hovers around and uses a paintbrush, as the pair try to stop a very, very angry Fury Bowser, who either doesn't like cats or is fed up with Mario beating him over and over. In the original release, you could only play multiplayer locally.

Nintendo has delivered fans their first good look at the upcoming Bowser's Fury, and already the internet is buzzing with speculation about what has been dubbed "God Slayer Bowser" and a new giant version of Cat Mario.

Collecting enough Cat Shines will allow you to pick up the Giga Bell power-up, turning Mario into the kaiju-sized Cat Mario we saw in yesterday's trailer. Just how that game mechanic will play out is yet to be revealed. Fury Bowser, the star of the Lake Lapcat Bowser's Fury area, will appear if you tap that amiibo to the controller.

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