Australia man missing for 18 days 'survived on mushrooms'

Cheryl Sanders
January 26, 2021

"A miracle" is how Tony Perrett has described the discovery of Robert Weber near a dam on his property more than two weeks after the 58-year-old went missing and despite the dam having already been investigated during the search. And, later he was discovered on Sunday after police had called off efforts to rescue him.

Police said Mr Weber was taken to hospital suffering from exposure to the elements, but he was otherwise safe and well.

According to the police, Weber was found near a dam on Sunday by a "property owner". Soon after, his vehicle got stuck in the dirt.

"You just kept hoping you'd see him somewhere".

The perplexing part, Mr Perrett said, was the dam he was found at had already been investigated after they found his vehicle.

He had become disorientated in the heat, but managed to stay close to a dam.

Authorities were then able to pass on the good news to Mr Weber's family.

Mr Perrett had made a decision to keep searching for the local man, despite police calling off the search.

Police said Mr Weber spent three days in the auto before running out of water and setting off on foot.

Mr Weber said he survived on dam water and wild mushrooms.

Mr Weber, meanwhile, with nothing more to show for his ordeal than some sunburn, some scratches, and a few minor scars, said he had been "extremely" lucky.

" He left on foot and became lost and remained at a dam where he survived by sleeping on the ground, drinking dam water and eating mushrooms".

An extensive air and ground search was suspended after failing to find him, but local property owners and police were told to keep an eye out.

'A search of the immediate surrounds led by police with the assistance of State Emergency Services personnel and aerial assets concluded yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon'.

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