You can now schedule Google Assistant commands for smart lights

Yolanda Curtis
November 25, 2020

(Pocket-lint) - Google Assistant is getting a new smart home capability, which, honestly, seems long overdue. You can also schedule an action for the next day by using commands like: "OK Google, turn on [device name] at 10 AM tomorrow" or "Hey Google, turn off [device name] at 9 PM on Wednesday".

The Google Assistant has been able to switch smart lights on and off for some time, by using commands like "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights".

"Hey Google, turn on the lights in five minutes".

The system can also be used to ask for something to be switched on in the future, by naming or describing the day you want the action to take place. Well, unless you count the slightly more nuanced "sleep my" or "wake my" commands, which let you schedule your lights to dim or brighten up to 24 hours in advance. Fading them on and off added an annoying and unnecessary delay, but now - assuming your Google speakers or smartphone apps have whatever latest update enables the feature - you can tell your speaker to turn your lights on and off at set times.

Kinks in the new feature are reportedly still being worked out, as Android Police noted the ability to cancel a scheduled action doesn't yet work. First, when asking Google Assistant to do something "tomorrow", you need to specify the exact time, or it'll just acknowledge your command without asking for clarifications.

The Scheduled Action feature appears to have started rolling out with users on Reddit claiming to have spotted it.

I say "should be", though, as reports indicate the cancelling process doesn't quite work yet.

The feature is called Scheduled Actions and Google's documentation suggests how it should also soon work with other smart home items, such as plugs, garden irrigation systems, and connected coffee machines.

Assistant has always been able to toggle lights on and off by voice, but until now those actions have been carried out immediately.

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