We Can Be Heroes: Check The First Look Of Sharkboy & Lavagirl

Carla Harmon
November 20, 2020

Se publican las primeras fotos de Sharkboy y Lavagirl ¡Adultos!

Rodriguez surprised fans this morning with an espresso shot of nostalgia with the reveal of Sharkboy and Lavagirl all grown up for his upcoming movie We Can Be Heroes.

Twitter user @antoinedaboi wrote, "HOLY S*** "WE CAN BE HEROES" WILL BE OUT ON NEW YEARS".

While it's great that Taylor Dooley has been brought back to reprise the role of Lavagirl, it looks like Taylor Lautner won't be coming back for Sharkboy; heck, they even gave him a mask just so it wouldn't be so obvious that Lautner wasn't back.

The 8-year-old American actress plays a central role in the project along with a host of other child actors who, in turn, are joined by such big names as Christian Slater, Priyanka Chopra, Pedro Pascal, Sung Kang, Boyd Holbrook and more. The Robert Rodriguez film has Chopra playing the "nemesis" to a bunch of kids who are trying to save their parents and the world from an alien invasion. Shortly after news was announced, Lautner's name began trending on social media. Sharkboy and Lavagirl are now parents (and their daughter is played by Vivien Lyra Blair, also known as Bird Box Girl). However there's an enormous shark within the room, not not the one on the proper... the place the heck is Taylor Lautner?

The images are also showing the daughter of the superheroes. Priyanka shared the teaser video of the film on her Instagram handle and from the looks of it, it appears to be centered around an intergalactic invasion where the aliens seem to have abducted all of earth's superheroes.

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