Russian Oxygen Generation System Fails on Space Station - Crew Talks With Earth

Pablo Tucker
November 24, 2020

A recent video was uploaded to Twitter by the International Space Station welcoming the new astronauts that just arrived at the space station.

Expedition 64 crew members (from left) Kate Rubins of NASA and Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov of Roscosmos in front of the Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft.

At the time of publishing, the spacecraft had already reached the station and Expedition 64 was busy docking to the ISS.

The oxygen generation system (OGS) has failed in the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS), according to the crew's talks with the Earth, broadcast by NASA.

Rubins and the two Russian cosmonauts will dock the Soyuz to the station's Rassvet module at 4:52 a.m. Coverage of the docking will begin on NASA TV and the agency's website at 4 a.m. On her second visit to the station, she expressed interest in the "microbiome of the space station" and experiments on live cells.

The research that was conducted in microgravity will help NASA to prepare for certain long-duration missions to the Moon and later on to Mars.

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"We're planning to try some really interesting things like bio-printing tissues and growing cells in space and continuing our work on sequencing DNA, " NASA astronaut, and microbiologist, Rubins told a pre-launch press conference Tuesday. This is cosmonaut Kud-Sverchkov's first flight into space and he is Flight Engineer 1.

Kate also said how she was looking forward to going back to space and welcoming the "first operational commercial crew vehicle to (the) station".

This isn't the first time, though, that this ultrafast method has been successful.

A NASA TV commentator said everything was normal, citing communications between Russian mission control and the crew, while Roscosmos said the capsule had successfully gone into orbit.

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