Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk makes announcement on New South Wales border restrictions

Andrew Cummings
November 24, 2020

In a press conference on Tuesday morning, Queensland's premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that the Sunshine State will completely open its border to NSW on December 1.

"I actually do think things are looking positive, the most positive I have seen this year, so, look, fingers crossed if it continues that way, our roadmap says December 1, I am very encouraged that it will be a positive outcome for NSW and Victoria", Ms Palaszczuk said yesterday.

The state is also set to open its border to Victoria from December 1, as long as the southern state does not record a new case tomorrow.

"Queensland is good to go", Palaszczuk told reporters in Brisbane.

'It means jobs for Queenslanders.

"It has cost several millions of dollars if you add up all the costs but you can't put a price on community safety", she said.

It comes as NSW health authorities confirmed it had gone more than a month without an unlinked case of COVID-19.

In a political flare-up, NSW state premier Gladys Berejiklian revealed she broke local health protocols a week earlier by failing to self-isolate for two hours between taking a COVID-19 test and receiving the result, which was negative.

"I hope this is welcome news", Palaszczuk said.

She said tougher border restrictions would again be considered if there was another major outbreak.

"But we do want to encourage families to get together before Christmas, this has always been the aspiration of the national cabinet".

What about Victoria and South Australia?

The reopening of the borders is also likely to see a surge in air traffic between Melbourne and Sydney, one of the busiest routes in the world before the pandemic, with Sydney airport expecting almost 4,000 passengers across 26 flights from Victoria on Monday.

"It was so unexpected when they got that case in South Australia and their hospital system down there is to be commended that they picked up that case so quickly who presented to one of their emergency departments".

"Any symptom, anywhere in the state - we don't know what might have been the cause. We always act on the advice of Dr Young and that is exactly what we have done today".

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