Pizza Worker's Coronavirus Lie Put 1.8 Million Australians Into Lockdown Unnecessarily

Cheryl Sanders
November 21, 2020

South Australia is to lift a strict six-day coronavirus lockdown early, saying the curbs were imposed after a man who tested positive misled contact tracers about his activities.

"The second outcome of that lie is this person has numerous associates, persons of interest that we are now trying to identify and locate that we would not have had to do so had they been truthful from the beginning".

Thankfully for the people of Adelaide, the 36 new cases have proven to be nothing more than a temporary spike, and with only three new cases found on Friday (20 November), the state is continuing to slowly relax restrictions.

'This selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very hard situation. "His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable".

According to the Premier, the emergency management act requires people to provide information on request but there is no penalty for failing to truthfully answer those questions.

Mr Marshall said the man claimed that he had purchased a pizza from the pizza shop, when in fact he was actually an employee and had been working there for several shifts.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said had the man been truthful to contact tracers, the state would not have gone into a six-day lock down.

South Australia was into its second day of a six-day lockdown on Friday to circumvent a potential new surge of its own.

As of midnight on Saturday hospitality venues in SA will re-open with a maximum capacity of 100 people, weddings will return with a cap of 150 and funerals will be allowed to have 50 attendees.

However, consumption of food and drink is only allowed if people are seated.

Gatherings in private residences will be restricted to 10 people.

Schools will also reopen on Monday.

Personal care providers, such as hair dressers and beauty therapists, will be required to wear masks while patrons are strongly encouraged to wear masks too.

Marshall made the announcement on Friday while reporting that SA had recorded three new confirmed cases of COVID-19, all of which were already in isolation after being linked to a new outbreak that was identified on Sunday.

When asked by reporters if the shop may need extra security because of public anger, Mr Stevens said: "There are all sorts of things we are considering at this point".

The state of South Australia implemented a "circuit breaker" lockdown in an attempt to quash a COVID-19 outbreak that grew to 22 infections this week in the state capital Adelaide.

Officials plan a further eight days of restrictions following the lockdown.

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