Ninjas Attack in The Boss Baby 2 Trailer

Carla Harmon
November 25, 2020

James Marsden (X-Men) is going to be taking over for Tobey Maguire, providing the voice of Tim Templeton, and the main villain is going to be voiced by none other than Jeff Goldblum.

Tina immediately dragged both Tim and Ted into her current mission, not only placing them in another wild journey but also giving them a chance to fix their bond.

You've got to love the thinking behind "Boss Baby", primarily because there's something just so unusual and deeply amusing about a tiny infant who sounds like Alec Baldwin, wears a Rolex, and pays off other babies when he's bored. The animated series is from dreamworks studio, and it appears that there are no reports on the renewal or on the cancellation of the fifth season of the boss baby back in business. It seems like Tim and Ted might be more helpful in this department if they were still adults, but whatever.

It's never been clear how reality works in these movies: did Tim imagine everything that happened in the first one, or what? Even in the wacky world of cartoonish baby espionage, there should be at least some consistency with the logic, right?

But a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach and a can-do attitude is about to bring them together again ... and inspire a new family business. If you are their drug dealer, please feel free to reach out with some samples.

In the movie, Tim (James Marsden) is now a married dad.

Perhaps the only thing standing against this movie being as much of a success as its predecessor is COVID-19, with the film now scheduled for release on March 26. Ted is a hedge fund CEO. Tim's offspring includes infant Tina (Amy Sedaris) and seven-year-old Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt). Things get more complicated when the family welcomes a new daughter, Tina (Amy Sedaris), who turns out to be a secret agent for BabyCorp, on a mission to learn more about Tabitha's school - the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood - and its mysterious founder, Dr. Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum), who is teaching babies to be.bad. DUN! DUN! DUN! She just adores her Uncle Ted and wants to become just like him but Tim, still in touch with his overactive youthful imagination, worries that she is working too hard and is missing out on a normal childhood.

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