NHS consultant has premature twins while in coronavirus coma

Henrietta Brewer
November 20, 2020

"They were so tiny they didn't look like my older kids, I couldn't touch them, I felt so emotional", she told the outlet. Her symptoms quickly progressed and, it was necessary to place her on a ventilator, and then induce a coma to save her life. They were taken to a neonatal intensive care unit at Birmingham Women's hospital while Uke recovered.

Since being discharged from the hospital after almost three months in the ICU, Uke said the twins are "getting better" each day.

Sochika weighed just 770g at birth, while her brother Osinachi weighed 850g.

For rheumatic diseases specialist doctor Perpetual Uke gave birth to twins while in a coma due to a corona infection, say among others British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and British newspaper The Guardian. I was afraid I had lost my child, "Uke said".

"We are a team, the idea she might not be there was really hard to accept".

Dr Perpetual Uke, a rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital, said that, when she woke and saw her bump had gone, she believed she had tragically lost the babies.

After coming off ventilation, the mother was transferred to Ward 515 at the QE, and subsequently to Ward 3 at the Women's Hospital to continue her rehabilitation and, for the first time, met her babies in their incubators.

Speaking to Sky News, the mother said: "By the time I woke up, I was so disorientated".

When she woke up and realised she was no longer pregnant she thought her babies had died. I was happy that we were all alive, but obviously concerned about their severe prematurity which has its own risks.

"Sometimes I look at them in tears, I never knew they would make it".

'I remain ever grateful to God almighty for using the incredible NICU team in restoring their lives'.

Perpetual Uke, a pregnant hospital worker in the United Kingdom, fell ill from the coronavirus in late March, several United Kingdom outlets reported.

"Their journey has been miraculous and the day of their discharge home was very emotional indeed". It was such a pleasure for us to care for this wonderful family and we have the upmost admiration for them'. The twins were just 26 weeks old and each weighed under two pounds.

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