Moderna vaccine stability enables distribution in rural America: U.S

Henrietta Brewer
November 21, 2020

The news will add to the confidence that a vaccine can help end the pandemic.

Pfizer and BioNTech announced 90 per cent efficacy exactly a week ago. That EUA, should it be granted, will be based on data from 151 confirmed cases among the Phase 3 participant group (which included 30,000 participants in total), and data from follow-ups extending on average over two months after case confirmation.

Health officials have said it will be easier to use Moderna's vaccine in these settings than Pfizer's. USA health officials have said that at first they are most likely to distribute vaccines to healthcare workers, people who are in nursing homes, first responders and those with health conditions who are high-risk. "This positive interim analysis from our Phase 3 study has given us the first clinical validation that our vaccine can prevent Covid-19 disease, including severe disease", he said in a statement Monday.

The recent news about progress on the search for a vaccine is enormously exciting for the whole world, but we must not take our focus off continuing the important research to work out which vaccines work best for different people to provide long lasting, effective protection against Covid-19, said Kate Bingham, Chair of the government's Vaccine Taskforce.

Global infections from COVID-19 have soared past 54 million with more than 1.3 million deaths since the virus emerged in China late a year ago.

Of the 95, 90 had been in the trial's placebo group, and five in the group that received the drug, called mRNA-1273.

Another bright spot: All 11 "severe cases" occurred in the placebo group and none in the mRNA-1273 vaccinated group.

Experts have cautioned that no one vaccine is likely to be suited for everyone, and that a wide range of types are needed to ensure people across the United Kingdom have access to one that works for them, so they are urging more people to sign-up to ensure clinical trials that test the safety and effectiveness of potential vaccine candidates continue.

After the first dose, about three percent of people had injection site pain classed as severe.

Additionally, Moderna said most adverse events in the COVE study to date were mild or moderate in severity.

Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines use the messenger RNA platform, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca in partnership with Oxford University are on the live vector path while Novavax and Sanofi/ GlaxoSmithKline are building out their vaccine candidates on the recombinant protein platform.

The vaccine reportedly has a shelf life of up to 30 days in a commercial refrigerator and can stand being at room temperature for up to 12 hours.

Pfizer vaccine also requires a much more controlled environment as it requires to be stored in lower temperatures.

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