Jason Momoa raves about 'clever and clever' Ms. Lisa Bonet

Carla Harmon
November 20, 2020

It's always heartwarming to see actors help out and cheer up fans who struggle day-to-day with life-threatening conditions - and a recent video shows Aquaman star Jason Momoa on a video call with a young fan now battling Pineoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer.

For years, Momoa's toned body has helped him land titular roles. He has tried doing other things too, including hot yoga, with Lisa Bonet, but he doesn't like it as much.

He said: "We've all gotten so much closer". The time also made him realize how great a woman his wife is that he does not, and can not, consider himself a king of their home.

He says, "Some guys are like genetically ripped and have abs, and I don't". I'm not even the king of my own house!' the RED Komodo spokesman told the mag. I am absolutely afraid of my wife.

But after his baby girl Lola turned 13 earlier this year, the actor had a realization: She may start exploring the dating world sooner rather than later.

It is worth noting that Lisa is 12 years older than Jason. "The past few nights have been hard for D because of new spinal pain but today he shined with excitement and pure joy!" she had said.

Despite the huge age gap, Momoa still asked her out. "Especially when you meet someone you're completely infatuated with and then find out she's unbelievable, intelligent, and amusing and she's a goddess and you're a degenerate". Momoa also shared the link to the Sheehan family's GoFundMe Page so people could make donations towards the child's treatment.

"My wife is very sophisticated and smart and [our kids and I are] kind of like animals that need to be trained a little better. I'm constantly a work in progress, and I've just been trying to get better as a father and a husband".

Momoa cried when Lola officially became a teenager. "I'll just hate it if she brings home some dips-t bad boy".

"I remember one time I was all yoked out for 'Conan the Barbarian, ' and I was in a yoga class with all these older ladies in Topanga and everyone was just holding their arms up and I was like, 'This is so hard!'" he said.

Momoa's family went through lows before having their best lives now.

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