Google's Phone app to get a new name and a new logo

Yolanda Curtis
November 25, 2020

The change has surfaced via an ad on YouTube, but it can not be downloaded at the moment. The feature of this app is that it informs the caller's name to the consumer even after the screen is locked.

However, because the app is a showcase for Google's latest AR technologies, it won't work with all Android devices. In this context, the company, which makes changes in application icons, also takes radical decisions in its widely used services such as Photos.

Until a while ago, the Google Phone application was only for Pixel phones. This ability started rolling out in the Google Home app last week - and it enables a workaround that lets you cast videos to Chromecast devices while the audio plays on Nest speakers. The app is not available yet on Google Play and this means that we can expect Google to roll out the app very soon. The app goes by the name "Phone by Google - Caller ID & Spam Protection" on the Play Store. However, the change from Google to Google Pay was made only for the American consumer. However, now Google is expanding its Phone app support for more Android smartphones. The ad shared by the Reddit user shows that the company is planning to rename its phone app to Google Call. Google's phone app is for Android consumer. And so, the change is perfectly aligned with Google's recent move. Apart from that, it would also have the Caller ID functionality, which would help users identify who is calling in case the number is not stored in Contacts.

If Google is indeed planning to change the colour of the app, it seems like a fairly standard move on part of the company.

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