Google Announces Three New Google Maps Features Available for Users Today

Yolanda Curtis
November 22, 2020

To get started with driving mode, users can either start navigating to a destination with Google Maps and tap on the pop up to get started or, head to Assistant settings on Android phone and say "Hey Google, open Assistant settings" then select "Getting around", choose "Driving mode" and turn it on.

Image Credits Google Maps
Image Credits Google Maps

In September, Google Maps gained a COVID layer that shows weekly averages of new COVID cases across 220 countries. Meanwhile, Google is adding features related to food orders placed from Google Maps. If you're driving instead, you can preview the voice control features enabled by Google Assistant's new driving mode in Maps (limited to English-speaking users in the USA for now).

Google says it has added almost 250 new features to Maps this year since the start of the pandemic, with many of them created to help people navigate the era of new health regulations and social distancing.

Google Maps is globally rolling out a convenient feature - live crowd information. The first incorporates the capacity to see more COVID-19 data about an area - including record-breaking recognized cases, speedy connections to COVID assets from nearby specialists, the seven-day pattern there (expanding or diminishing), and the number of all-out passings. Update your Android or iOS app to find more information, including all-time detected cases in an area and quick links to health resources from local authorities. To further aid those traveling around this holiday season, real-time crowdedness information will also be made available for many transit routes so you can see how busy your bus or train is going to be and maybe make the choice to wait for the next one or take a walk instead.

The list of new features includes an expansion of its live "crowdedness" information for public transit systems, which displays the real-time busy state of transit lines when users look up directions. Both these highlights are turning out for Android and iOS. Before ordering, users will be able to see the estimated delivery time and track their orders on the map. The feature is now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, and the US.

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