Forcefully Breathing On Someone Is Assault In America

Cheryl Sanders
November 23, 2020

The video shows Deskins engaged in a non-violent confrontation with anti-Trump protesters.

Deskins then proceeds to exhale forcefully towards the woman.

He has been charged with misdemeanour assault following an altercation outside of Trump's golf club in Virginia on Saturday, for "forcefully exhaling" on two women who were protesting the president's refusal to admit he lost the United States election.

In it, Deskins-who is wearing a Trump sweatshirt and what looks like a Trump-themed pool float-approaches two women who appear to be protesting outside Trump's golf club. "Get away from me!" The women can be seen panting in shock as Deskin turned around with a grin on his face.

The altercation occurred Saturday outside of Trump National Golf Club in Loudoun County, Va., where the president was playing.

"Two separate parties said they were attacked during a verbal argument outside the Trump National Golf Club", the Loud Town County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

As he gets closer, a woman tells him he doesn't have a mask on and needs to "back off".

To this the lady replied, that he was doing it in her face and he didn't even have a mask, hence the actions were deliberate.

The man, identified as Raymond Deskins, is facing a charge of misdemeanour assault. 61-year-old Raymond Deskins has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault and was released on a summons - this after somebody got a citizen's warrant from a country magistrate.

As the incident was not seen by the law enforcement and the video did not capture the entire incidence, an investigation was done at the scene and both complaining parties were advised that they could go to the Loudoun County Magistrate and seek advice.

One of the protesters, Kathy Beynette, told WRC-TV she's afraid the incident put them at risk of catching COVID-19. "Because of this guy, my family has had to cancel the small Thanksgiving that we had planned with just a few people because I said I might've been exposed".

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