Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bans Politics From Game

Yolanda Curtis
November 27, 2020

Local units of gaming companies usually stipulate terms of use for their games in the US and Europe. Thank you Nook. We needed more space to imprison fish and bugs. The company says it may ask groups in violation to stop with the activities or face getting banned from the game.

Uploading screen shots and / or game footage to family friendly websites and social networking services.
Be aware of sports rating and do not engage in activities that go beyond rating.
The new terms of use call on companies to refrain from directing users of the game to outside shopping sites, or conducting marketing activities using the game, including distribution of coupons. Previously, the game has been embraced by Chinese players to stage in-game protests, used as a virtual meeting place for Black Lives Matter rallies, and utilized by politicians like U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to make "house calls". -Do not share misleading information about the game with anyone, and do not deceive others while using the game (e.g. falsely implying that you are individually licensed or authorized by Nintendo). We can edit this message when the community changes. While some players are curious to see what the future may bring, others believe it is tantamount to cheating because it allows you to unlock special items, earn bells fast, and participate in certain events ahead of schedule. Note that compatibility applies to any Nintendo Switch and Nintendo account agreements. Only groups that receive permission from Nintendo are permitted to do so.

The rule was introduced on Thursday as part of new guidelines meant to ensure businesses and organizations preserve the Animal Crossing experience for the millions of players enjoying the hit game.

Do you think these guidelines are reasonable?

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