Amazon adds X-Ray features to its music service

Yolanda Curtis
November 23, 2020

Amazon Music has recently added several new features, this week we have already announced the arrival of podcasts to the service and now more improvements are coming with X-Ray, which is now available within Amazon's main music application. Now it's getting an addition that lets you learn a thing or two while bopping along to the beat. It may not be a game-changing feature, but it's definitely a handy one that sets Amazon's offering apart from other options.

You have to update your Amazon Music to experience the new update, then play a song, and you will see the X-Ray icon with a lightning bolt and an upwards arrow at the bottom of the music player.

The newly improved X-Ray characteristic is accessible for the Prime Video utility for each Android and iOS. If you aren't seeing these new functionalities already, just be sure you are working the up to date model of the app. And these little pieces of trivia will give you something to talk about with friends who may appreciate the same artist.

For users in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon will also display trivia such as "extra fun facts" for popular songs. Amazon isn't trying to draw your attention to it. You can choose the section that you want to know. Because it's not brash.

You can access the titbits and trivia for your songs by swiping up on the X-Ray icon on Amazon Music. Right away in fact. And that it would have trivia on tens of millions of songs right from the start. On the videos you get to see information like which actors are in the scene that you are watching and it was also able to show you real-time lyrics for songs on amazon Music.

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