A Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros

Yolanda Curtis
November 25, 2020

The game sold for a massive $156,000, topping to previous record holder, which funnily enough was also a Super Mario Bros. game.

An article by Explica has confirmed this purchase to be the most expensive purchase ever of a video game in the history of video games.

The past record was set in July by another Mario game- - the first Super Mario Bros.

Twenty bidders battled to spend the most ever paid for a video game. One of the most iconic characters in the world of video games, Mario, the plumber was created by Shigeru Miyamoto.

There is no doubt that the market for sealed and certified games has grown more and more in recent years. "When a sealed copy does come along, it brings a hefty premium compared to the later 'right Bros.' version, as this version is considerably more rare [sic]". The reason why this version is special is also because this was the earliest in the whole "Super Mario Bros". Aside from the better condition of the record-setting copy, it features the exceedingly rare cover art that places the "Bros.' below the 'Super Mario" title, but on the left side, covering part of Mario's glove. 3 a score of 9.2 A+. A rare copy of the classic game Super Mario Bros. That means the sealed copy was in near-perfect shape. 3 sold in July for US$38,400. In Heritage's press release, the auction house seemed surprised to have broken this record twice in the same year.

A decent amount of the value comes from the usual reason, as it's a near mint condition copy of the game that's sealed, but the real reason is because it's from an early production run.

Heritage shared details of another notable video game auction today.

Here's hoping looking at these sealed, very expensive video games makes their new owners happy.

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