Watch SpaceX launch its 12th Starlink satellite internet mission live

Pablo Tucker
October 17, 2020

During this launch, SpaceX claims that the satellites have shown "download speeds greater than 100 mbps".

Targeting 8:46 a.m., SpaceX plans to launch about 60 of the 570-pound satellites atop a Falcon 9 rocket.

The Falcon 9 rocket booster being used for the launch previously flew on June 30 when it sent a US Space Force satellite into orbit around Earth. Following stage separation and an entry burn, the booster was recovered for a second time touching down on the "Of Course I Still Love You" droneship stationed in the Atlantic.

USA private space company SpaceX successfully launched its 12th Starlink mission on Thursday, carrying another 60 Starlink satellites into orbit.

The results are expected to be done at speeds that will, in turn, be the fastest available for different inter-satellite communications.

"Our latency is low enough to play the fastest online video games, and our download speeds are fast enough to stream multiple HD movies at once and still have bandwidth to spare", Tice said.

This would have witnessed the launch of another load of Starlink satellites and the launch of the Saocom satellite. "Over time, we will continue to add features to unlock the full capability of that network".

The company has been trying to build a constellation of these satellites, which will then provide globe spanning, high speed low latency Internet to everyone. SpaceX told the FCC in February that Starlink would have less than 50 milliseconds of signal lag.

"With these space lasers, the Starlink satellites were able to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of data", Tice said. The next deployment of an additional 60 Starlink satellites is already scheduled for this week.

With Thursday's launch, the company has put more than 700 satellites into orbit, more than the 400 needed to provide "initial operational capability", and close to the 800 needed to provide "significant operational capabilities", according to Musk. It's also the first Starlink mission in September - SpaceX's 16th as of writing in 2020. Of those launches, 10 were for its own Starlink constellation.

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