These Michigan communities are turning in the most absentee ballot so far

Yolanda Curtis
October 16, 2020

October 15-16: 8 a.m. -5 p.m.

Of course, a TV ad reservation is like a dinner reservation - it can be canceled without penalty.

Voters still have more than two weeks to cast a ballot. Trump has traveled out to the Lone Star State 11 times since previous year. If you vote by mail, do it early.

Breckel said 3,807 absentee ballots were mailed to voters by the vendor on Friday, Oct. 9. Subsequent days generally show a big drop-off.

If Texans such as former Rep. Beto O'Rourke are to be believed, the state with the biggest Electoral College vote prize after California - the state Trump can't win without - is going blue in a big way.

Is O'Rourke right, or is it all hype?

Experts say the surge in early voting correlates to the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many people to seek alternatives to election day voting.

Those planning on voting in person should use their sample ballot to prepare to vote and may want to bring their marked sample ballot with them to the voting site, according to the county.

Almost 20m Americans had voted early by Friday, either in person or by mail, according to the US Election Project.

There is still time to register to vote with your local county clerk, or you can register on election day at your proper polling place, and get a provisional ballot and cast your vote. People can also register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time during the early-vote period.

According to data compiled at Georgia Votes, as of October 5, the majority of absentee ballot applications statewide came from whites (53.1 percent, as well as 30.8 percent from African-Americans) and women (56.9 percent), with shy of half (44.8 percent) from voters age 65 and older.

The record was 304,000 votes on November 4, 2016.

Throughout the presidential debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump repeatedly alleged that mail-in voting contributed to widespread fraud and that mail-in ballots could easily be manipulated.

"Based off past results and when we're looking at polling, it's a little bit more favorable for Trump just relative to the other battleground states", said Aaron King, political science associate professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

And another thing, if you are voting absentee by mail this year you are going to need a witness signature after the USA supreme court ruled in favor of the state on that issue earlier this month.

Every day, the supervisors of election open hundreds of ballots that arrive in their offices and compare the signatures on the outside of the ballots with those of the signatures on file. That case is now pending before the Texas Supreme Court.

People can mail back their ballots, or drop them off at the city's Early Vote Center or the Hennepin County Government Center.

"This is a completely different election than anything we've seen in the past", says McDonald, who notes that most of the votes to date have been by mail. That's 1 in 20. The Democrats' big gamble on mail-in ballots could be a giant tactical mistake, resulting in a million lost votes nationwide.

According to an analysis from NPR, the 2020 presidential primaries saw more than 550,000 ballots rejected all across the country, a large increase from the 318,728 ballots rejected in the 2016 general election.

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