Samsung Display Wins U.S. Approval for Panel Shipment to Huawei

Yolanda Curtis
October 27, 2020

It is still unclear whether Samsung Display will be able to export its OLED panels to Huawei as other firms in the supply chain making components necessary to manufacture panels would also have to get USA licences.

Samsung Display recently acquired a license from the U.S. Commerce Department to export some of its smartphone OLED displays to Huawei. The sanctions ban the supply of components made with US equipment, software and design to Huawei without prior approval from Washington.

Samsung Show had utilized for a licence to promote its OLED panels to Huawei previous to the sanctions coming into impact.

Despite receiving a license, not all OLED products from Samsung Display have been approved.

The corporate is the primary amongst South Korean tech companies to realize a licence from the United States authorities.

The latest USA crackdown on Huawei, however, means that global suppliers must receive a special license if they use American technology or software to supply the Chinese smartphone maker. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, which have halted its reminiscence semiconductors provide to Huawei, are additionally in search of approvals.

According to those familiar with the matter, the core function of the sanctions was to prevent Huawei from buying memory semiconductors. As there are a number of show panel corporations working around the globe, a strict ban on exporting OLED panels was not required to strain the Chinese language firm, they mentioned.

Huawei is a key customer of both Samsung Display and its parent Samsung Electronics.

The new rule, which went into full effect on September 15, has cut Huawei off from its most important chip and component suppliers, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and a number of South Korean companies.

According to reports, Intel was granted a license by the USA government last month to continue shipping certain products to Huawei.

Huawei has described the sanctions as "non-stop aggression" by the USA and announced that it will continue to invest in new technologies despite these sanctions.

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