Querrey accused of leaving Russia on private plane despite positive test

Ross Houston
October 17, 2020

Sam Querry has fled Russian Federation on a private jet after he and his family tested positive for coronavirus.

However, officials claim that attempts to check on the health of Querrey, his wife and baby were thwarted.

The statement goes on to say that the tournament organised a doctor and paediatrician to visit the family but they were unable to gain entry to the Querreys' room on two occasions.

Amid quarantine bubbles and Novak Djokovic's disastrous Adriatic tour, the sport has taken a rocky ride to start over, but Sam Querrey's reaction after testing positive for COVID-19 tipped the balance.

"Sam Querrey, as the hotel's security cameras identified, left the hotel together with his family at 5:45 a.m. on October 13 without informing the reception service", the St. Petersburg Open stated.

Fearing they could be separated from their son in a foreign country due to their mild symptoms, Querrey and Dixon reportedly ordered a private jet to whisk them out of Russian Federation.

This is nowhere near the first incident in which a tennis player has raised eyebrows with his behavior amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the St. Petersburg Open organizing committee issued an official statement regarding a serious breach of protocol related to Covid-19 and specifically to Querrey, who earlier this week tested positive for the coronavirus and was withdrawn from competing in the tournament.

"As recommended by the local Rospotrebnadzor and provided the course of the disease is asymptomatic, it was supposed to transfer Querrey from the hotel to private apartments for self-isolation so that the family wouldn't experience any inconvenience nor pose a threat of disease dissemination". He and his family sat at the back of the plane to hopefully limit any COVID-19 exposure for the pilots. The statement added that "Adhering to health and safety protocols is critical to ensure events take place safely ..." Players and their support team members are reminded that breaches of protocol can jeopardize an event's ability to operate and have repercussions on the rest of the Tour.

The ATP is definitely taking the matter seriously and are running an investigation.

Repetitive or blatant breaches of COVID-19 precautionary measures may be considered a violation of the ATP code of conduct, or the "major offence of conduct contrary to the integrity of the game", depending on the severity of the violation.

Unsurprisingly, the tennis world was shocked by the revelations involving Querrey.

"If the ATP deem Sam Querrey's protocol breach a significant offense and probably injurious to the tour, which is what their electronic mail implies, he could possibly be fined as much as $100ok and/or suspended from the ATP for a interval of as much as three years", tennis author for The Guardian, Tumaini Carayol, wrote on Twitter.

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