Nintendo cutting individual Joy-Con price to $39.99 next month

Yolanda Curtis
October 25, 2020

Spotted by Japanese Nintendo, the price of Joy-Con remotes in the region have dropped from 4,480 yen per remote to 3,740 yen per remote (before tax) on the official store. That bundle, mind, is still 7,480 yen (about $80): it's just the single Joy-Con that are being discounted.

Interestingly, Nintendo appears to only be discounting two very specific models of its controllers: a right Joy-Con in red, and a left Joy-Con in blue - exactly matching the two controllers that are included in Nintendo's default blue/red Switch SKU. From November 6th, a solo Joy-Con will cost about $36 there, down from $43.

The severity of the Joy-Con drift issue has been so bad that at least one class-action lawsuit has begun in the United States. That means Switch owners will continue to pay the same regular price for a full two-pack (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Now, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the price of the Switch's Joy-Con controllers will also be cut in North America, although it is still on the rather pricier side of things, as each Joy-Con will now retail for $39.99 Dollars starting Monday the 9th of November.

If you're looking for some extra savings on Nintendo controllers, Joy-Con and Pro controllers are currently $10 off on sale right now.

Of course we have to ask ourselves whether or not a similar price restructuring will occur here in the West. Check out Nintendo of America's tweet below announcing the new price. [Update: North America now confirmed - see above].

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