Mars at biggest and brightest tonight!

Pablo Tucker
October 14, 2020

"Then, after staying in the sky all night, Mars sets in the west as soon as the sun rises in the east".

Peach said, "Even at nine or 10 o'clock in the evening, you'll easily see it over in the southeast".

Mars will rise every night just after sunset and is said to be sticking around until early November, however the best time to catch a peek is around midnight this week.

Mars appeared at its brightest and most visible on Tuesday night. Mars will be more splendid this year at resistance than it will be again until 2035.

Mars will shine in the sky on Tuesday night as the planet lines up with Earth, looking big and bright as it reaches "opposition".

Mars will be inverse the sun in the sky, which means it will be in the east at sunset and the west at sunrise. This is a great time to look at the planet, also because it is so easy to see.

The project hopes to become one of the "best monitoring conditions since July 2018".

"The planetary race pattern explains why".

Look up this week to get a glimpse of Mars, it's making a "close approach" of Earth right now. Earth and Mars are like runners on the same track. "Every 26 months, a fast Earth catches up to Mars and slows it down".

"During opposition, Mars and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth". Around the hour of opposition, a planet is most brightest from our vantage point on Earth. You can too Wait for a rare Halloween blue moon When our lunar neighbor is full on October 31st.

NASA takes advantage of close approaches of Mars to launch new missions to the planet, with its new Perseverance rover launching this summer. The vehicle is on its way to reach the planet in February 2021.

NASA shared an artist's view of the approaching approach on Tuesday, October 6 Compared to the last contraction in July 2018. The obvious shapes look very similar. This year Mars was a minimum distance of 62 million kilometers, which is about 3 million miles further away than it was in 2018.

Mars has been extra brilliant this month, and the peak of brightness will show up this week as it comes into opposition.

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