Mark Meadows Admits White House Will Not Control The COVID-19 Outbreak

Cheryl Sanders
October 26, 2020

Donald Trump's top aide has conceded that the United States is "not going to control" the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing sharp criticism from the president's Democratic rival Joe Biden that the Trump administration has waived "the white flag of defeat" against the deadly virus.

Surrendering to coronavirus is a hell of a strategy for the Trump campaign.

Mr Pence and his wife both tested negative on Sunday, his office said.

We all know that the Trump administration is doing nothing to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, top U.S. infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci said a Covid-19 vaccine could be available in the United States before the end of the year if one proved to be "safe and effective", but that the first doses would go to people in order of priority.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, Fauci said it was not the case the USA was "turning the corner" on COVID-19, as claimed by Trump, and that while people did not want a return to full lockdowns some actions to mitigate the spread should be implemented.

"Because it is a contagious virus just like the flu", Meadows responded.

The US set a daily record Friday for new confirmed coronavirus infections and almost matched it Saturday with 83,178, data published by Johns Hopkins University shows. Pence and his team are, ironically, heading up the White House's coronavirus task force.

Bauer - one of the staffers who tested positive, according to two sources familiar with the matter - serves as Pence's "body man", meaning his job is to accompany Pence throughout the day and night helping him with a wide range of duties, putting him in close proximity to the vice president.

President Donald Trump on Monday said, without evidence, that recent spikes in COVID-19 cases throughout the USA are a "fake news media conspiracy" and that reporting on them amounts to pre-election politics.

"This wasn't a slip by Meadows", Biden said in a statement.

Trump is in the midst of daily campaign political rallies where few of his supporters wear masks, often only those seated in several rows of raised seats behind Trump within sight of television cameras but not those crowded in front of the president.

Vice presidential chief of staff Marc Short, close aide Zach Bauer and outside adviser Marty Obst were among those within the vice president's orbit who have tested positive, sources told CNN. The guidelines require that essential workers exposed to someone with the coronavirus closely monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and wear a mask whenever around other people.

Biden added, "It's long past time for President Trump and his administration to listen to the scientists, take action, and finally take seriously the threat of a virus that's costing thousands of lives each week, shuttering our schools, and forcing millions of Americans out of work". "Even without the vaccines, we're rounding the turn", he told supporters, many of them not wearing face masks or observing social distancing.

Pence is traveling Sunday to the battleground state of North Carolina for a rally and plans to campaign in other states this week. But public health experts said that Pence's decision to keep up in-person campaigning was flouting common sense.

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