Israel to begin human trials of coronavirus vaccine on Nov 1

Andrew Cummings
October 26, 2020

The safety of the vaccine has been demonstrated in several tests, thus opening the door for clinical trials with human participants, the statement said.

Several dozen vaccine candidates are now being tested in clinical trials, ten of which are in the most advanced Phase 3 stage involving tens of thousands of volunteers.

Malaysia should learn from Japan where all pharmaceutical items such as vaccines have to be tested and validated by clinical trials conducted by their own agencies and research institutes before approval for full usage in that country.

I urge the Government of the day to stop politicizing the pandemic for their own political interest, but instead battle the Coronavirus pandemic as the foremost national interest, with sensible, scientific and public health approach by making transparent the process for licensing and procuring any Coronavirus vaccines in the market.

Speaking to a leading portal, Shaw elaborated that the first mRNA vaccines will be approved by the end of 2021, but they are not going to be available in India as they need a -80 degree cold chain and that is not something which the country can handle.

33 of the vaccines are still in early-stage Phase One testing, while 14 have progressed to expanded safety trials.

J&J said it was "planning to resume recruitment" for the phase 3 trial, which began in late September and should ultimately include 60,000 participants.

This vaccine was first tested on small animals - mice, hamsters and rabbits - before being tested on pigs. "I believe in the abilities of our scientists and I am confident that we can produce a safe and effective vaccine", said the director of the Institute for Biological Research, Shmuel Shapira. The institute has evolved a device for large-scale production of vaccines (approximately 15 million).

The vaccine is named Brilife, a portmanteau of the Hebrew word for health - bri'ut - and life. IIBR was established in 1952 as part of the Israel Defence Forces' Science Corps, and later became a civilian organisation.

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