How is Elections BC going to count all those absentee ballots?

Henrietta Brewer
October 23, 2020

Specifically, mail-in and other absentee ballots could impact close races, with the delay meaning we could be waiting weeks to find out who the victor is. Democrats have roughly doubled the number of returned mail-in ballots by Republicans in states that report voter registration data by party, according to the Elections Project.

Citizens can vote by mail, cast their ballot during early voting, or vote at the polls on Election Day.

Voters still have time to turn their voting packages in.

As Watson noted, the delay in counting mail-in and other absentee votes is due to the screening and review process required to ensure a voter doesn't vote a couple of times.

State law in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, for example, does not allow election officials to process or count ballots until Election Day. That voter's eligibility also needs to be verified.

Maricopa County has already surpassed its previous early voting record, with more than 900,000 early votes cast since October 7.

While President Trump has baselessly sown doubts about mail voting and warned of a national crisis should the result not be decided on election night, election experts say delays in no way suggest a problem with the integrity of the vote.

Ballots in Wisconsin and MI must arrive by Election Day, although litigation is under way over whether the states should count ballots that arrive late if postmarked by November 3.

Another 225,000 voters have cast their ballots, including voters with no party affiliation.

More than 35 million people have voted by mail and more than 15 million in person.

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